Sunday, October 27, 2013

Where do we go from here? October 2013

Right now the United States is potentially in a major shift of political power that will change the future considerably. If the President plays his cards right he can make the Republicans' opposition to Obamacare doom their party from ever being favorable to a majority of Americans outside of some backwards welfare filled trailer counties, mostly in the South.

Obamacare is rising in approval and could potentially see its approval rating be positive (more positive than negative) if the Obama administration implements the law well. source Ideally the Obama administration can fix the problems seen over the past few weeks and show how having a public marketplace to compare rates can save people money. This will bring people closer to Obama when they see how it works once the bugs of are fixed. Next time we will hopefully use public employees next time. Why are we employing contractors from health insurance companies to design a site whose purpose is to lower the cost of health insurance?2 It seems like a conflict of interest for the company.

We can move towards a more stable economy with more progress than any other nation in the world if we play our cards right right now, and I think President Obama has the responsibility to push our country in that direction. If President Johnson could push the Civil Rights Act through Congress with practically half the country opposing it, than Obama (as one of only 17 presidents to win an average popular vote of over 50%, 21 presidents who were elected did not win such an impressive margin. The last president to win an average above 50% was Ronald Reagan.) can push through more legislation like Obamacare. It was a major issue in 2012 and over 50% of Americans said yes.

If I were the President I would make large moves to push the following through:
  1. Make more moves to make immigration laws humane and expand opportunities to work visas for farm workers. Obama could build a coalition with farmers on this issue so they won't have to hire illegal immigrants to get enough workers for their farms, which could change the composition of the House and Senate in next year's elections and change the governorships for some more conservative states potentially if he makes it a major issue. If Obama and the rest of the Democrats make moves so farmers would be able to fill their work positions with legal workers from Mexico it will make a significant difference for our economy. As their representatives fight against this the Democratic Party can offer an alternative that is good for small farmers. This should be along with the Dream Act, which is supported by 70% of Americans. This alone will make a huge difference in how people vote in future elections. This issue will help cement voters in Texas which could be a major game changer for the political landscape of America.
  2. An overwhelmingly majority of Americans support background checks for guns. This can be a major wedge issue the Democrats will win on.
  3. He should stump for a lot of Democratic candidates in Texas in the next house election because this could change the entire political landscape of America. source
  4. Make sure the continuing rollout of Obamacare is as good as possible as soon as possible. This will help people get better health coverage and debunk the self-proclaimed major tenant of the Republican platform as it demonstrates itself to be better than predicted by FOX News.
  5. Push for more student aid as opposed to loans, which will help everyone who is in college, and make it so parents of students could change their decisions on how they vote as the Republicans push against help for students as they try to give larger bonuses to the banks that bankroll them. When the Republicans push against it it will help get college students voting by giving them an issue that will help motivate college student to vote Democrat. Hopefully a good number of grandparents will think about who is serving their interests.
  6. He can cement support in cities by pushing for more mass transit and making it a major policy initiative of the Department of Transportation if the Republicans win. This will help local economies by improving opportunities for commuting. This will further cement support of people in large cities and help them see the parties as being diametrically different on these issues.
  7. The major issue that the Democrats have not addressed so far is the drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan that more and more have been demonstrated to hurt civilians more than terrorists, which is absolutely immoral and a war crime. If Obama ends the drone strikes he will gain back the respect of left-wing Democrats and help improve turnout in the next election by cementing the support of his base. He needs to do this soon. It will help our image abroad considerably too, which is something that always helps our influence abroad and needs significant help after a long time with diplomacy being on the back burner and some major failures abroad.
Of course, if the Democratic Party makes these seven issues even more important tenants of their platform they will need to follow through in 2015, If they win the election and don't keep pushing for what they fought for in the election they will contribute to people's apathy towards politics and belief that both parties are identical, but if they actually make movements to improve the country they will be the dominant party and we could surpass Europe in standard of living which would be amazing.

There is a lot at stake here too, here are just a few reasons why I think the Democrats are better for America's future:
  1. There are disturbing racist undertones and overtones to the Republican fight against immigration.
  2. The Republican opposition to gay marriage is immoral.
  3. Republicans over the past two years have put everything into fighting Obamacare and the status quo for American medicine has given worse results at higher costs for Americans than other nations. We deserve better.
  4. Mass transit is critical for our economy to grow and the Republicans have damaged our national infrastructure. If I wanted to kill a country's economy, my first target would be infrastructure.
One last thought is that when I look back in 20 years I expect that most people will see the Republican Party's demise as a self-inflicted wound.

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