Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warren/Feingold 2016

The next Presidential election is 3 years away, but I have been thinking about who I want our 45th President to be and my decision is Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren has been one of the most vocal senators in this first year of her time in the Senate, and is willing to speak the truth that can always be backed up with big samples of data. She is a vocal supporter of the middle class and working poor of this country and I respect her more than any other politician currently in office for being so vocal and eloquent on these issues. We need a President who will stand for her positions and not cave into the demands of the people we didn't elect, which I am certain Elizabeth Warren will do. She will be 67 when she is elected President which will make her the third oldest President in history, but I think it should work the more I hear her speak. Over the past year she has had only one major slip of the tongue where she said she wasn't someone who had a vast array of stock portfolios which the entire mainstream media twisted into her saying she wasn't wealthy. The only other one was when she put down multiracial for having some Native American genealogy when she was in her early twenties, hardly something to worry about 40 years later. There really isn't anything else besides her platform people can attack which means she will be a very strong candidate who won't cave into the demands of the people we don't elect unlike most other Democrats.

Then there is the Vice President, and I would like to see Russ Feingold be our Vice President. He is a brave and fiery man, and was the only man who voted against the PATRIOT ACT. This is enough to make him someone fit for the Presidency. As a current envoy to the Great Lakes region of Africa he is getting great diplomatic experience and if he could take what he learns while he is there to the Executive Branch we could help the world's poorest region get on its feet which will seriously help our image abroad and the people of Africa. Feingold has lived a good live free of scandals and I can't find any slips of the tongue which means he will be an excellent Vice President or President.

There is a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton becoming President but I have one very good reason to oppose her: she voted for the PATRIOT ACT and didn't keep her head cool in 2001. That is enough for me to come to the conclusion that she is not fit to be President because like her husband she doesn't always stick to her platform. Elizabeth Warren and Russ Feingold are levelheaded and reliable, unlike the Clintons. The President needs to be levelheaded and stable in a crisis and both Warren and Feingold meet the bill, Clinton doesn't. We should hold our leaders to a higher standard. I might actually abstain or vote for a third party if she ran for office, I don't think she will stick to her platform, I think she will be like Obama and her husband and cave in to the Republicans as soon as she gets into office. In short, she is not Presidential material and I wish that the media would stop speculating on her running.

They are the right age to be President, they don't make a lot of missteps and neither has ever fell into the traps of the lobby money that is offered. Two other potential candidates are Bernie Sanders and Heidi Heitkamp. Most Senators are too easily swayed by the massive amount of money they receive and makes me think they aren't very presidential. It is time for a President who will stick by his/her platform and not be distracted by lobbyists to stick to their platform and speak their mind. The most effective Presidents in history used their bully pulpit, the best examples being LBJ and the Roosevelts who were three of our greatest presidents. The Warren/Feingold ticket will make this happen and I believe Elizabeth Warren has the potential to become our greatest president in American history. We need her.

The last thing that is important is whether the Warren/Feingold ticket can win. Assuming they don't win any states Romney won last year and retain all the non-swing states Obama won they will have 272 electoral college votes. I count Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina as our only real swing states given how they had less than 5% margin in 2008 and 2012, and all four voted for George W. Bush. The Republican Party's hopes of retaining the Presidency hinges on getting Pennsylvania from the Democrats in 2016 which would be difficult. Even if Chris Christie was nominated, I don't think it would be a guarantee victory for them to win because they would have to take every single swing state, which is possible. By reaching out to people who don't usually vote they can retain the Presidency, and the polls for Hillary Clinton show her defeating Christie handily, which makes me think the Democrats should have no problem running Elizabeth Warren who I trust a lot more than I trust Clinton.

Samples of Warren's speeches:

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