Friday, April 20, 2012

An Occupy Declaration

Whereas, the government of the United States has hurt the majority of the people, while benefitting the few who can afford to pay Congress to give them our tax dollars and have them pay less money, the Occupy movement of the United States adopts the following goals as our official platform:

  1. We stand for Universal Health Care like exists in the vast majority of the "First World"
  2. We stand for a system that will allow people to access credit and get good deals by changing the way our credit system works.
  3. We stand for a system where work is rewarded, and intelligence is paid, but bribery is punished, and those who steal are punished.
  4. We stand for a system where people can easily get up from being poor to a place where they can be comfortable middle class if they are willing.
  5. We stand for a system where there is no lobbying of money in Congress, but only by the merits of the lobbyists' arguments. A system where bribery is punishable by imprisonment.
  6. We stand for a utilitarian economy to improve the United States of America and the world.
  7. We stand against the status quo where the United States' foreign policy has not benefited the countries we invade but the companies who lobby.
  8. We stand for a progressive tax structure and a complete overhaul of our tax code to simplify it.
  9. We stand against anarchy.
  10. We stand for a Democracy of, by, and for the People where the People vote responsibly.
  11. We stand for accessible government.
  12. We stand for just copyright laws.
  13. We stand for job accessibility to not be determined by your housing status, to end that cycle of poverty where the homeless can't get a job without a home and can't get a home without a job.
  14. We stand for publicly run and publicly funded elections across the United States.
  15. We stand for a prison system that focuses on rehabilitation.
  16. We stand to switch the War on Drugs to a medical fight in the hospitals with a focus on rehabilitation, not incarceration, as opposed to a military war.
  17. We stand to audit the Department of Defense.
  18. We stand to continue to insure bank and credit union deposits.
  19. We will continue to remove our money from financial institutions that do not treat us respectfully.
These are more or less what Occupy stood for in the beginning, and something that if the President of the United States chose to embrace could strengthen our economy in such a way that hasn't been seen since the New Deal.