Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Eliminate Them

Are you a country with a new majority that recently immigrated to find work? Are there people there that are pesky with their strange languages, religions, and cultures you don't want to understand? There is a 3000 year old Indo-Aryan patented 100% satisfaction guaranteed method to eliminate those pesky Thems from society so you may live in luxury.

Step 1 Isolation
Hopefully you have some land you don't want so that you can place Them on it to keep them different from your society. We can't have our children learning about their culture for that would mean integration, the devil's work. This will make sure that you can improve your lifestyle without having to share power with Them.

Step 2 Seperation
You need to be the good leader, and you care about them, their land (infertile as it is) is their land now (they only just moved onto it.) so they should be able to govern themselves. They may not have citizenship because that will give them a voice in your democratic government. They cannot be allowed to travel and under no circumstances may they vote in your elections. This will ensure satisfaction and only a small pesky minority will be discontented and will be easily silenced as you choose without press coverage. There may be no visiting their conditions because they are going to live in poverty for not being part of your master race.

Step 3 Crack down
Why do they need so much land? Their population is rapidly diminishing. It would be acceptable to take some of it off their hands to mine and get resources.

For extra security no one is allowed to visit the homelands because that would only bother the masses. They must be allowed to live in peace.

Does this sound familiar? It should. The United States used this method in the 1800s and South Africa before 1994. It worked beautifully for a while. Any nation that looks similar should be analysed thoroughly to determine that it isn't committing this crime against humanity. Look past whatever the history of the ruling ethnic group is because any group is capable of committing this grave crime.

This is satire. I believe this system is the most cruel and despotic of all systems, but wanted to make it clear in a way on what the values are, separating it from any current biases we all have towards or against any one ethnic group.