Friday, October 25, 2013

Brilliant picture

This picture is from the page "I Fucking Love Science" on Facebook.

The author of this picture is very perceptive, and I can think of so many issues that this applies to. Here are only 2.

  1. Oil
    1. First we think that oil will never run out.
    2. Then we say that it is too expensive and too large for the United States to switch to another source of energy.
    3. We then say we can't focus on it because we are working on defeating communism, terrorism, drugs, or some other war.
    4. We then state that global warming isn't happening, pull out unreviewed papers on "global cooling" and other rubbish trying to excuse the fact that a lot of people are making a lot of money off of oil.
    5. We then find out in 50 years that we have run out of oil and we haven't done the work to preserve our economy in the long-run. I plan on living past 2070, so I will live in a world with no oil. So we will more to natural gas and repeat this cycle when we run out of natural gas (hopefully not).
  2.  Concentration of wealth
    1. We first state that it is inevitable that we will have such an unequal distribution of wealth (The United States has the 5th most unequal distribution of wealth in the world, only Denmark, Switzerland, Namibia and Swaziland have a more unequal distribution. The next developed country with an unequal distribution is Chile.
    2. This problem most likely will have the 2nd through 4th stages at once, claiming there is nothing we can do about it, claiming it is actually good for us, and many other excuses.
    3. In the end it turns out the distribution of wealth has made so many people poor that when they say they want equal opportunities to education etc. it turns society upside down and many large changes need to be made to prevent people from revolting.
I could think of more examples if I really though about it, but these seem to be good enough, and there are more things I want to write about.

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