Wednesday, April 29, 2015

President Dayton

I have seen a lot about Governor Dayton of Minnesota recently, and seeing his record, he looks like a very viable candidate for President in the next election.

Right now, along with Governor Dayton, the potential candidates I find attractive or notable are:
  • Hillary Clinton - She has a better record than her husband, but is not as good a choice as other people I have been following
  • Bernie Sanders - not reliable and not honest as I have previously described.
  • Elizabeth Warren - not running, she remains my first choice
  • Martin O'Malley - Has a great record as governor of Maryland
  • Jim Webb - He has a strong progressive record in Congress.
  • Sheldon Whitehouse - Senator from Rhode Island, very progressive and honest, and would be a fantastic President
  • Jay Inslee - My governor is doing a fantastic job here in Washington state and has experience in Congress where he was progressive. I would vote for him in a heartbeat.
  • Brian Schweitzer - The last governor of Montana is a strong progressive and would be a fine president.
  • Steve Bullock - The current governor is also extremely well qualified like his predecessor.
The Huffington Post wrote an article about Governor Dayton, and it is a very fair analysis.