Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Electric cars are coming

There is a new technology that has recently been developed to store electricity and it is made of carbon. Carbon fiber batteries are now being made for small appliances and the Swedish manufacturer Volvo has developed an electric car where the sides are carbon fiber batteries.

This is a major solution to two of the largest problems with infrastructure and economics in the developed world and solves the major hurdle to making electric cars a convenient option. The first is how do we reduce and eventually eliminate our excessive greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, and this car is carbon neutral. The second is how do we do this in a way so we don't give a handful of countries or companies immense power over the world economy. This solves both major problems and will be the ticket to energy independence that is not dependent on a limited supply of fuel, because it is dependent on electricity which can be produced in many different ways, and unless the sun runs out, the wind stops blowing, the waves stop crashing, or the Earth cools down there will always be a way to get electricity without using coal, natural gas, oil, or another limited resource.

Until now, I have disregarded electric cars as unrealistic given their limited range and long charging times makes old fashioned electric cars a method that people will not choose because they were too inconvenient. Carbon fiber batteries don't have the long charging time problem that old lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries had, which means using electric cars will be as convenient as internal-combustion engine cars in terms of charging. This also means that charging all electronic devices will be better as we move all of our batteries to this new technology. The first phone company that makes a battery out of carbon fiber, besides being more environmentally friendly, will be able to advertise a short charging time.

This is why last night when asked which time period I want to live in my answer was the future, which is going to be awesome.

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