Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One simple change

Most of the deadlocks in America's government can be brought back to the rules of how our legislators work at the state and federal level. The one we hear about is the filibuster, but Rand Paul filibustered the bill to do surveillance on Americans but nothing changed.

A lot larger than this is the big doozie of a rule which gives the speaker and heads of committees the power to stop bills from even being voted on. This is why the original budget didn't pass the house last month, John Boehner didn't even let the bill com to a vote, even though it would have passed. This normal rule has blocked so many other bills that people support. The solution is to make it so that bills must be brought to a vote and the leaders of legislatures and committees must let all members vote on passage before moving to the next bills unless a majority votes to table the bill. This will make our government far more efficient.

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