Monday, April 29, 2013

TV Censorship and the FCC

I was watching the Big Bang Theory and the way they talk about sex is not using any old word but a new one "coitus" which means the same thing, everyone knows what it means and it doesn't stop them from talking about anything.

This is the lovely thing about censorship. The more walls you put up against different words, the more ways people will find to get around it. Every time a governmental agency has tried to censor people from talking about something people have always found a way around it, it may be harder, but it can always be done.

So, although Eric Idle might say Fuck the FCC, I might say something even more offensive which is ha ha sucker, you tried to clean our mouths and you gave us even more swear words to censor!

Because that is just the truth of censorship. Whether you are the Kremlin, Fuehrer, Dear Leader, or FCC, censorship of speech just doesn't work in the long run.

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