Sunday, April 21, 2013

The House passes CISPA

Today the House, including 96 Democrats, did the shameful act of passing the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. This is a completely unconstitutional act. If passed it will allow the government and internet providers to access your browser data for any reason without a warrant, and there is no way you will legally be able to protect yourself. They will be able to share it with the government at any time for any reason. This is bad enough to say it is completely unnecessary and unconstitutional, but it also says that the military, for god's sake, the military can access your information without a warrant. So, let's say that you go to court because you don't like how a company was stealing your information and giving it to the military or some other agency like the FBI (think J. Edgar Hoover, I know he's dead but he built the agency) and there is now absolutely no legal path you have to keep your privacy.

I try not to be a radical who thinks everything should be completely private, and I realize that there are times where information should be shared. I have a private investigation agency which I am building and this issue is central to my chosen career. But when the government for any reason can tap into your records which are not sensitive and can make large profiles on you that have no criminal value, than we have taken a massive step in the wrong direction. We had a fourth amendment for a reason, but since the PATRIOT ACT was passed and now that it looks like CISPA is going to be passed, the constitution is basically dead. Now, Obama may have said he was going to veto it, but with his recent announcement to cut social security benefits and raise student loan interest rates I have absolutely no faith that he will veto it, because those two things he said he wouldn't do, but he did anyway.

To my representative Denny Heck I want to send this message:

Why did you vote for CISPA? I thought you were different. I campaigned for your campaign for hours because I thought you were progressive. I thought putting a Greener into the House of Representatives would bring reason and good policy that didn't infringe on the first and fourth amendments of our constitution. I was wrong. You have lost my vote for reelection.

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