Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Only one thing can kill America

There is a lot of talk about America being on decline since 2008, since Obama was elected. We blame immigration, a growing economy in China, American-owned companies that build things in China exporting crap here, how the government isn't making the price of oil drop (a call to socialism), and other poppycock excuses for why "America is in decline". This cannot kill America. None of these can. However, i have the plan for anyone who wants to kill America, a simple plan, and something that is already in progress.

Pessimism, nihilism, the world is doomed, there is nothing we can do about it, and every growth in America's infrastructure is impractical. Nationwide calls for doomsday. This takes a number of forms. Here are a few of the most dangerous:

  • While we reward the military industrial complex with $100 billion dollars of welfare annually, and hundreds of billions of unaccounted dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy through a very low capital gains tax, and send $10 billion a year to Israel to bomb Palestine, and in the past have sent money to Saudi Arabia, the Muhjadeen, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and other nations we are allies with, we cannot afford to build our infrastructure because it is "too expensive". To build something in this country that would stimulate our economy for less than hundreds of billions in corporate welfare and rewards to lobbyists annually, we cannot afford to build a first world train system, and we cannot afford universal health care, and we need to cut money to education. Because God Forbid we might actually give our own people the skills they need to succeed in a global economy, that's what the Chinese do!
  • America is generally in decline. Things are worse than they were before. This is depsite the NYSE being at an all-time high, our GDP at an all-time high, our GDP per capita being one of the highest in the world, and other general non-biased marks that show things really are not nearly as bad as people seem to believe. I have yet to find a marker that actually shows America is in decline relative to ourselves, even though there a lot of markers that show the formerly undeveloped world is developing rapidly.
  • Corruption isn't as big an issue if you talk about it with regards to lobbyists, but Obama is a Muslim! (just quoting the conservatives I know)
  • We can't do anything to build our nation. We are doomed.
This will kill America. Immigration has been happening for 400 years and it has yet to kill our country, other nations have developed before, alongside, and after us and that has never once truly hurt our economy. Our debt per GDP has been higher than before, and there is no correlation between debt and economic vitality. I made a previous post showing how this correlation is false. Corruption can do it, but it relies on a people that is unwilling to make a difference.

America is only in decline if its people let it. I do not accept the following myths:
  • Our size prevents us from building a world-class mass transit system. Tell that to Stalin. This is poppycock. We send enough money abroad to build the world's best high-speed rail system. We need to sort out our priorities. What do we really get by arming Israel's military? The old fashioned term is false friends. America does a terrible job at choosing allies, like the Muhjadeen.
  • Debt is killing our economy. Tell that to Japan and the UK, two of the largest economies in the world that are still growing relative to population growth.
  • The Military Industrial Complex is a necessity, tell that to General Dwight David Eisenhower who uncovered Auschwitz.
  • People who are poor are lazy. There is no evidence for this.
  • America's deficit is growing under Obama. Reality is quite the opposite in fact. I've blogged about this, the CBO has a different story to tell.
In a perfect world we would try Rupert Murdoch for slander by convincing so many Americans that their votes don't count, and his network telling downright lies on a daily basis. The bullshit this network tells has moved even to what was once considered "left-wing media". How often does the media talk about local government? How often does the media cover legislation in Congress? How often does the media take a really hard look at the budget and what the President proposes, as Presidents have done since Washington?

America is only in decline if we let it. I choose to instead of firing Americans, to increase unemployment to stimulate our economy, to provide jobs rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure. Bridges in Minneapolis should not collapse for no reason... BUT IT DID! We need to rebuild America.

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