Monday, October 8, 2012

If you aren't decided yet, here's all you need to know.

So, i was just watching a collection of eloquent speeches (yeah...) by Mitt Romney, and I know that it is by DailyKos which is liberal, but still fair.

After doing some intense discussions with some Republicans I know that cutting $50 billion from the budget will not eliminate the $900 deficit, I decided to see what FOX News had on Obama:

That should be enough.

If you want to know what Obama stands for, I recommend the following: on Native American rights on the National Debt, solutions, and its implications on taxes and where the economy grows from on gay marriage on Iran

If you want to know what Romney stands for, I recommend the following: on gay marriage on the national debt and the birther movement (the debt is actually just over 100% of GDP) on taxes, including a little from Obama. on Israel, including

Hopefully this can help make voting a little easier.

I have already made a post "Obama v. Romney" which did this, but here is some more information on important issues:

On taxes, if you support a tax code which is progressive, where those who don't make a lot can save for the future and where the rich pay a larger percent of their annual income than others, vote for Obama. If you support a tax code where poor people making the cost of living pay income tax, and tax cuts for capital gains, different industries like oil, and the lowest effective rate for millionaires create the lowest rate for millionaires in the developed world, vote for Romney.

On Iran, if you want to unequivocally give unconditional support to Israel no matter who actually strikes first, vote for Romney. If you do not want to invade Iran, vote for Obama.

On Gay marriage, if you believe the government has a role in determining who can and cannot get married, vote for Romney. If you believe that marriage is a human right and the government should allow gays and lesbians to get married, vote for Obama.

On the national debt, if you think the debt should be fixed thoroughly through cutting the budget and through no tax hikes, vote for Romney. If you want a balanced approach with a more progressive tax code and keep services the government provides to working-class families, vote for Obama.

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