Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dear Green Party,

Dear Green Party,

I like your platform. I think you should have seats in Congress and should make your proposals in Congress. I think Jill Stein would be a decent President, but there is one thing that keeps me from voting for you.

I didn't see a single Green Party candidate running for office in the primary elections in Washington State. You could have won seats into our legislature and start making real changes. You could do the same thing in Oregon and California, the ballot access laws aren't that restrictive. You have a lot of good ideas regarding domestic economics and you should move your party to getting seats in Congress to make a real difference in this country.

My impression is that you don't understand how our system works. Even in the unlikely instance where your Presidential candidate was elected President, you would not have support from Congress, because you don't run candidates for Congressional elections. I would like a third party, I would like it to be the Green Party, but I can't vote for you if you don't run for office!

I will be voting for Barack Obama this year, I have seen a real campaign from him, and he has made real progress. I have seen signs and campaigning by the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and I have seen no advertising from the Green Party, and I live in one of the most progressive parts of the entire country. Please campaign harder.

Please run for as many state legislature seats as you can. If you can get seats in state legislatures you can start pushing for your reforms in the halls of power. Or at least propose initiatives to get the ranked voting option on the ballot in several states. I would love to see ranked voting for all elections someday.

Once you file candidates for state level positions, you will very probably get my vote, but by running a Presidential candidate who doesn't campaign a lot and acts as a spoiler to the Democratic Party with the way our election currently is, I cannot vote for you if you will not try to get seats in Congress.

Forgo the Presidential race in 2016 and focus on getting seats in State legislatures for the next few years, you will very probably get my vote. Until then you are no more than a fringe, like Occupy that did the same mistake. The Tea Party had a plan and ran candidates and unfortunately made progress on the corporate agenda. Please be like the Tea Party in strategy and get things done, don't be like Occupy who are no closer to actually overturning Citizens United then they were a year ago on October 15, 2011.


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