Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fact-Checking the Presidential Debate

Question 1: College tuition
Romney's Response:

Obama's Response

Question 2: Can the Government lower the price of gas? What is the Department of Energy doing?
First of all, the government does not set the price of oil, that would be a communist system of government and our energy production is a truly free market.
Obama: By increasing efficiency we will cut the demand for oil and we are going to start doing more renewable energy to cut the costs.
Romney: Obama cut in half the number of oil permits on Federal land. Says he believes in renewable energy. Says we don't need the President blocking progress. "virtually impossible to build a coal plant" says we need to take advantage of all energy sources, including coal. "North America" energy independence. Our energy is "low cost". More drilling, more licenses, bring in the pipeline from Canada.
Obama: Romney's claims are not true. We have increased energy production. Calls out Romney for being against coal as a governor and now being in favor of it.

It all comes back to except for the government setting the price of oil by setting a cap on gasoline, the only thing the government

Question 3:
Romney: Will reduce taxes on the middle class and cut the deficit.

Obama: Wants to give middle class and poor families tax relief.

Romney: Bring down corporate tax rates so they can hire more people. Jobs are leaving because of Obama. (not true)

Obama: Cutting taxes for everyone and eliminating the estate tax and corporate tax code changes will cost $5 trillion. Romney wants additional $2 trillion for the military. He wants to continue Bush Tax cuts, $1 trillion. That is a total of $8 trillion, he also wants to cut the deficit, and not raise taxes on the middle class.  We haven't heard from Romney what he wants to do to pay for the tax cuts.

Romney: "Of course they add up" I balanced the budget as governor. I ran business. $4 trillion of deficits, $5 trillion in deficits. 4 consec

Question 4: How are you (Romney) different from President Bush?
Romney: I don't believe Washington, DC can determine who can have contraception. These are different times. It wasn't possible to get all of our energy during Bush's time from America. I will crack down on China. I will expand Free Trade with Latin America. I will get us to a balance budget. I understand how hard it is to start a small business. I want to keep taxes down on small business. I want regulators to see their job as encouraging small business. I find Obamacare troubling because it keeps small businesses from starting.

Obama: We have seen 31 consecutive months of job growth. I will create even more through my plan. His plans are the same sorts of things that got us into debt, and don't remember Romney invested in companies that invested in China and is invested in companies that are building surveillance equipment in China. We have signed 3 trade deals, and a task force for trade that goes after anyone practicing unfair trade and have done far more. We have won every case. When I said that we need to go down onto bad tires from China, Romney said we were being protectionist. Bush called for immigration reform. Bush never suggested we eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood, but they are on social policy.

Question 5: Mr. President, what have you done to earn my vote?
Obama: We have gone through a tough 4 years. I said I would cut taxes for middle class families, small businesses, end the Iraq War, and go after the people who attacked us, put in health care reform to protect Americans from insurance companies, that we would rein in the excesses of Wall Street, and I have done all of that, we have created 5 million jobs, we have saved the auto industry. That is why my programs are focused on putting people back to work, so we are controlling our own energy of today and the future, the point is I have kept most of them, and the others are not for lack of trying. I suspect Romney will keep his promises. When Congress signed a no tax pledge, Romney said me too. When Congress said we will cut Planned Parenthood, and end Obamacare, Romney said me too even though Obamacare is like Romneycare. This election is about whose promises will allow your family to go to college and that the government will be there for you.

Romney: I think you know the past four years haven't been that good and the next four years are like the past four years. He said by now we would have unemployment do 5.4% by now. He said that by now he would reform Social Security and he hasn't even made a proposal. He said he would file an immigration bill but he hasn't. He said he will cut in half the deficit and he hasn't, he has doubled it (bullshit). He said that health care would decrease but it has increased and Obamacare will raise the health care premiums. The unemployment has not been reduced. 23 million people. (bullshit) The economy is growing more slowly this year than in the past two years. Reagan created twice as many jobs. The only reason the unemployment seems a little lower (bullshit) is because people have dropped out of the work force. We have a record to look at.

At this point I stopped watching because I can't stand how many lies Romney is telling.

Romney hasn't said one thing in the first hour of the debate, as he is saying about the increase in unemployment, the deficit, and all that, I am looking it up with the Bureau of Labor Statistics and all of his unemployment claims are wrong. As I am looking at the budgets the President has proposed for the past four years, the deficit has gone from $1.5 trillion to $1.3 trillion, to $1.1 trillion (even though Congress planned for $1.3 trillion), and is planned to be $0.9 trillion next year. If the current trend of a $200 billion deficit reduction continues we should balance the budget by FY 2017. Don't take my word for it... here is the Wikipedia on this year's budget which has links to the original sources for all the budgets back to the early 90s by following the links on the bottom: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_United_States_federal_budget

Vote for Obama if you value honesty. Vote for Romney if you.... I really don't know why you would vote for Romney. He is definitely the most dishonest major candidate in all of American history. Vote for Obama.

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