Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Of, By, and For the Rich

I've finally had enough. I woke up this morning to hearing a five minute clip of John Boehner explaining why the government shouldn't outlaw internet censorship through making some websites have higher priority than others. It all reflected around the one central belief of the Tea Party movement: Government is Bad.

This is a lie. This is such a big lie that I was literally swearing up and down for about 5 minutes it was so incorrect. If you go onto any watchdog website that gives donations from corporations: I recommend and you look at the amount of money being sent to all members of Congress (especially the Republicans) to increase military spending and deregulate media putting control of content into corporate hands, the number is in the millions. Corporations give them altogether billions of dollars on all the things they want: mostly more weapons to be purchased, less regulation, and pet projects that then cost most of the national budget. In response the conservative members of Congress can keep their 5 mansions each. They become filthy rich and tax payer dollars go into huge wastes and it is covered up by the right extremist media who never mention it.

This enough to make one balk, but it is worse than that. The Democrats do not ever speak up and give the reasons why the Republicans are hurting everyone by selling where they send our money. They let them put in the huge pork of guns, pass the bills into law and Lockheed Martin becomes filthy rich. We become the country with the largest mostly unused arsenal in the world that is added to every single year.

That is revolting , but it is even worse than that. Public programs that benefit all Americans are then canceled and are made difficult to get to decrease the debt. The money that actually goes to the people is cut and the money goes to the filthy rich leaving the poor and lower middle class with very little compared to the other two income groups. The income gap is widening America, and most people are seeing their average real incomes fall. Nobody wins, except for the Lobbyists with Seats in Congress who can do whatever they want because the "news" that their constituents get leaves out all the real pork, and they get filthy rich with all of their billionaire sponsors.

This could be stopped in a heartbeat. The President, who as invisioned by our forefathers to represent the entire country should use his State of the Union to call out the corruption of corporations and bring people to check the facts. There will literally be nothing that the Republicans could do in response. Once this is done and the corruption of the modern tea party is shown for what it really stands for, America will loosen up and we will be in less danger of revolution.

"It is not fit that you should sit here any longer! You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing lately. You shall now give place to better men! You call yourselves a Parliament. You are no Parliament. I say you are no Parliament! Some of you are drunkards, some of you are living in open contempt of God's Commandments, following your own greedy appetites and the Devil's commandments. Corrupt unjust persons, scandalous to the profession of the Gosepl; how can you be a Parliament for God's people? Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, GO!"
~ Oliver Cromwell Address to the Rump Parliament 20 April 1653 London, ENGLAND

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