Monday, March 14, 2011

Death and Dying

Reading the last chapter in my psychology textbook it becomes apparent that I should blog about laws respecting death. Basically, they must always be designed to respect the person's wishes and keep them and their families as pain-free as possible.

Euthanasia is a powerful tool to bring someone out of pain if it is done correctly. It is cruel to the individual and their loved ones to have them go through pain. If the laws are written correctly than you do not need to worry about it being abused. Specifically, by making sure that the person is conscientious and not under dementia than it cannot be abused. This has been seen in Oregon. It should be allowed if it is in the person's advance directive

Advance Directives
Advance Directives should be allowed in all political divisions across the world. They are the most important tool for elderly people who are at risk of dementia to prevent being taken advantage of. They should have legal status and should be recognized wherever the person is. This is respecting the person's wishes which is essential. They must be well-defined so there is no chance of them being misinterpreted.

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  1. I think preparing living will and advance directive should be encouraged. In fact the US president did endorse it publicly encouraging people to have one.