Friday, March 18, 2011

Freedom in the Middle East.

To the good peoples of Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, and Iran.

I watch the news here in the United States and continuously hope that freedom will become the norm for the Middle East. I know for a fact that even though a lot of far-right Western media portrays Islam as a bad religion they are wrong. They have never learned what Islam stands for. The Americans who have researched your noble beliefs know this too. You are a powerful people, with vast resources and potential to continue to be economically powerful past peak oil. You also deserve to have governments that you can trust. You deserve to have your governments stick our for the people. You deserve democracy if you want it.

You do not deserve to have your noble faces be hidden by the face of terrorism. When you win the revolution you can end the minority of Arabs who practice terrorism's movements forever. You can reach out to the entire world and be equal with all the other nations of the world in terms of freedom. You can reach out to Israel and open relations. This would diffuse the potential conflict revolving in your region ending the biggest threat to world peace. Also, invest in renewable energies. With those you can have your poor have a lifestyle similar to that of Europe where everyone has enough to eat. Poverty can be ended and everyone in the world will benefit. Expand education and literacy across the region so that every good Muslim can go to the Koran and read it and understand their place in the world, and everyone can be active members of the global economy. You are great peoples and the People of the West stand behind your quest for freedom.

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