Thursday, March 10, 2011

The most dangerous threat to America's prosperity and Freedom. Ourselves.

A big problem in America lies not inherently with the current government but decades of corrupt government and corrupt media spreading fearful lies for political gain. The American people have forgotten how our government works and where the power lies. Any government, according to the Declaration of Independence, derives "their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed." This was said during a time where speaking out against government was illegal so we left the United Kingdom. This philosophy has been followed across Eastern Europe over the past twenty years and since their independence the people's participation has been a check on government corruption, no matter how infringed they are in some countries. Voter participation is the reason why Australia's political situation is more stable than America's even though their media is a monopoly. In other words, we should not fear the government because if information is sent from the elected officials to the people, then we wouldn't have to be pessimistic. This already happens, but people do not care. By not participating, the corrupt members of our government do not have a check to their power and they can do whatever they want and most of us will never know. Both sides use their massive spin machines to hide the parts they do not want to be shared through pundits that hide all the faults from their side. We the people are literally sending a message of “Whatever you do we do, we do not care what happens to us. We were told our vote doesn't count so we aren't going to take responsibility. The benign members will be overcrowded by lobbyists.” We will hear pundits say what another place is like in terms of a major issue and never check it with that country's people. We do not have a culture of social responsibility, and that has put us in danger which has allowed corruption on Capital Hill to go rampant and many of us do not see the numbers for who the donations are really made to and who they come from. Our pessimism and lack of knowledge is a larger threat than Illegal Immigration, Communism, Large Government, and Gun Control Combined. By not confronting the corruption and saying we don't care we are supporting the corrupt politicians who have massive spin machines and lie to us about controlling our lives while tapping our phones. The more egregious the crime the better they will hide it from us. The small stuff is amplified and made up for political gain that puts us in danger.
This is easily fixed by standing up, dusting ourselves off and walking away from this dangerous political situation. We start by checking the facts when things are said about other countries and looking at the raw numbers. We insist that our children get the education they need to know how they can be successful citizens, so they can not be taken advantage of, and get the information they need to have to be responsible citizens to be a huge check and balance to our government as our forefathers envisioned voters to be. We teach them how the world works from every perspective and the undisputed concepts of the social sciences that currently are not taught that will disable corrupt self-serving politicians and media pundits from misleading large parts of the population of what works and what doesn't so that the truth is known through the undisputed facts of how the world works. By teaching our successors the warning signs, corruption will whither and die and our entire society will improve. If we do not hold politicians accountable with our vote like we have not done for forty years, we cause corruption to go unchecked. We then complain about it even though we don't vote. This prevents us from fixing the problem. Blinding yourself and not doing anything when your house is burning down will only make the house burn down faster. We all need to take our nation's future into our own hands and vote. We need to know what is happening in order to keep our status as the richest nation and regain our former status as the freest nation on Earth which we have been surpassed as by us not fighting for equal rights and allowing pundits to use propaganda to take advantage of our lack of knowledge.

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