Friday, March 4, 2011

Lies in the media and on the hill about Recycling

Today on ABC News:

When he said how much it cost to do recycling this was complete spin. All those recyclables that would be recycled would be sent to the garbage instead. The Republicans and ABC focus on the amount the recycling spent but left off the amount on trash spent before and after Capital Hill became green. Also, the claim that "my spoon melted after being left in my soup" is ridiculous because that wouldn't happen if you would let it cool. Also, to the Democrats: why didn't you just get metal silverware for in-house eating? That is a million times more cost effective and environmentally friendly than buying any one-time only set of silverware.

On health, if you find me one reputable health scientist who denies that organic food is more healthy I will be shocked because they do not exist. Also, if you want to improve the American economy you would have our leaders eat American food from small farms as opposed to food made in other countries.

Please far-right, stop ignoring the facts that scientists who spend hours of time per week analyzing and listening to your pundit's made-up numbers. I talked to the person in Olympia who analyzes the amount it costs my school (which has about 2000 people staff and students) to compost and recycle as opposed to throwing everything away and he told me that when we finally start compost in the future we will save about $55 per week. Capital Hill is no different.

ABC has been added to FOX and Al Jazeera on the boycott list for lies.

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