Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two-faced billionaires

I was just looking at opensecrets' information on individual donors and decided to look for Bill Gates, why not?

Here is how to get the information, search "gates" in the search box on and press enter. Click on individual donors.

There are a few different Gates profiles. First of all, there is his wife, Melinda, donating to the Democrats. Then a few of Bill Gates III, his wife Melinda Gates, and his father Bill Gates Senior donating to Democrats. Here are the people these three people donated at least $1,000 to:
  • $73,700 to the DNC Services Corp
  • $17,000 for Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • $12,000 for Democrat Suzan Del Bene who ran in their Washington district
  • $10,000 for President Barack Obama
  • $5,000 to Republican Representative Lindsey Graham of South Carolina from their Kirkland address.
  • $5,000 A donation to the Business Software Alliance
  • $5,000 to Republican PAC "The Freedom Project"
  • $5,000 for Republican Lindsey Graham
  • $3,750 for Democrat Senator Maria Cantwell of Washington
  • $3,500 for Democratic Representative Jim McDermott of Western Washington
  • $2,500 for Republican Dave Reichert who is running against Del Bene in their district
  • $2,500 for Republican Dean Heller
  • $2,500 for the "Every Republican is Crucial" PAC
  • $2,500 for Republican Senator John Thune of South Dakota
  • $2,000 for Republican Richard Lugar of Indiana
  • $2,000 for Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Eastern Washington
  • $2,000 for Democrat Representative Adam Smith of Western Washington
  • $1,500 for Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
  • $1,250 for Republican Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri
  • $1,250 for Republican Representative Mark Crapo of Idaho
  • $1,000 for Democrat Senator Patty Murray of Washington
  • $1,000 for Democrat Representative Norm Dicks of Washington
  • $1,000 for Democrat Representative-elect Derek Kilmer of Washington
  • $1,000 for Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland
  • $1,000 for Democratic Minority leader Nancy Pelosi of California
  • $1,000 for Democratic Representative Rick Larsen of Washington
  • $1,000 for Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida

That is a grand total of $352,900 excluding donations under $1000 only including those that are on, have been disclosed, and are clearly from one of their addresses. There is also a $650 donation to Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts below that is not included in the total I give since it doesn't meet thethreshold I made.

Microsoft Inc sent $2,299,132 to Congress, split with about 2/3 going to Democrats and 1/3 going to Republicans. Whoever won would have listened to Microsoft to keep getting their support.

With $128,950 going to Democrats, and $223,950 going to Republicans it is clear who Bill Gates supports. I am more proud to say I use Ubuntu today than ever before!

Overturn Citizens United. Make publically run, publically financed, and publically accountable elections now!

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