Monday, November 12, 2012

A summary of issues everyone in America can agree on

In this era of absolute political discord, we should not forget there are still a few issues that most Americans (and, frankly, most people in the world) regardless of political sway can agree on:
  • North Korea is a dangerous country that needs to be countered so that they can be reunified with South Korea. Foreigners have a responsibility to move the world to a point so the concentration camps can be closed.
  • China needs democracy.
  • Women's rights in the Middle East need to improve.
  • Turkey is a valuable ally to all freedom loving people.
  • There have been no wars in the European Union since its foundation.
  • Good things are happening in Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • The drug war has caused too much violence in Latin America. A solution is needed. (even though we might disagree on what should be done)
  • The budget should be balanced, though this is one of the most contentious subjects.
  • When surveyed, most Americans agree that we should have a more equal distribution of wealth and most don't fully comprehend the difference between the super rich and super poor.
  • Most Americans want at least a public option for health insurance.
  • Most Americans want less foreign involvement in the Middle East. Except big oil.

We aren't as divided as we think we are

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