Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Kill America

I am absolutely 100% convinced America will not be destroyed by China, gay marriage, alcohol, marijuana, hemp, meth, heroin, Communism, socialism, or terrorism. America will not be destroyed by Irish, German, Chinese, Japanese, or Mexican immigrants. America can only be destroyed by the American people. America will be destroyed when there is so much voter apathy towards the government that no one will vote, no one will care, no one will look at the issues, and all the major media outlets will be owned by private organizations that don't have the country's issues at heart. America will be destroyed when protest funded by billionaires are deemed "patriotic" and truly populist protests are shot at and not enough people care to shut down the system. America will die when the quest to find a balanced news source that gives the opinions of both parties all the time on contentious issues is so rare that it will be deemed impossible. America will be destroyed when science is ignored and religious extremism is considered factual. America will be destroyed when funding terrorist states is considered necessary but repairing aging infrastructure that is falling from age is not mentioned. America will be destroyed when the bill of rights (except the second half of the second amendment, none of this socialist free state nonsense, and the God ordained state rights, like Jim Crow, are followed) and habeus corpus is ignored and indefinite detention is the norm. America will only fail when the People don't care enough that they have lost their rights in endless shopping malls, more inefficient cars, dirt wages, and the freedom to work for whichever Fortune 500 company's affiliate you want (except of course owning your own business) is guaranteed, but their is no right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness. That is how to kill America.
This is why the Tea Party won in the house.
This is why African Americans and Hispanics usually turn out less.
This is why we have a split government.
This is why our disparity of wealth is the fourth most unequal in the world.

This is why while nation which have far lower GDPs and far lower GDP per capitas are building far more infrastructure and their economies are growing much faster.
That is why our economic growth rate is below where it has to be.
This is why most government contractors have gigantic  swarms of lobbyists who give campaign contributions in exchange for the People's tax dollars and get away with it.

This is why we ignored the Kurdish genocide, Darfur genocide, Holocaust, Great Purge, and Japanese Interment Camps, and supported Apartheid.

This is my biggest fear.

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