Saturday, November 3, 2012

After the Election

As I write this on November 3rd it is clear Obama is going to win according to most polls. It is also likely that the Senate will lean Democrat. Beyond this, the probability is that the House will lean Democrat. Here is my list of what I hope President Obama and the Democrats will do. and

Push harder for light rail investment in America. We have the rail lines, we don't use them efficiently. gives information on the cost-benefit of doing efficient rail transportation as opposed to other methods. We also need to improve the nationwide AMTRAK system and cover more cities. There is no reason Las Vegas, Nashville, Boise, and Columbus should not have AMTRAK. WE CAN DO BETTER! We need to expand to these cities that already have rail lines according to Google Earth and make it so people can efficiently get around the country. We are America, and Obama needs to be our next Roosevelt more than he already has been.

Obama needs to push for comprehensive immigration reform. Detainees should not be kept without due process and habeus corpus which currently happens. We need to fix the way that people become immigrants to make it faster, safer, less expensive, and easier. We need to bring back farm work visas that were repealed in the beginning of Bush II's term. That is the reason illegal immigration is even an issue. is an excellent graphic on why we need to reform immigration.

We need to push for renewable energy. We need to move to a hydrogen based economy. This needs to be the third highest priority for the next two years under this congress is setting out an outline on how to set up a domestic renewable economy for transportation, which can be done. and

We need to harness our renewable energy sources here in America of wind, solar, geothermal, wave power, and others. This is energy independence. This is what will power our hydrogen economy.

We need to fulfill our pulling out of Afghanistan to save a hundred billion a year. This needs to be then invested in the three development goals outlined above.

We need to reform our elections to make it so that our next elections can accurately reflect what Americans want. This will eliminate the spoiler effect and give third parties the chance to vote. A vote for president in California should have as much weight as a vote in Wyoming. and have the best information.

The Defense of Marriage must be struck down by the Supreme Court as soon as Obama gets his next appointment.

The tax code needs to be reformed to be progressive, tax capital gains as regular income. They don't deserve a 50% tax cut. People who make less than the cost of living should not pay income tax. People should get deductions for health care and education, until they become publically financed. This will stimulate the economy by increasing consumer spending from the middle class.

We need to expand access to 90 days visa free to more countries. Particularly citizens of Brazil, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Croatia, Bahamas, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia, British Overseas Citizens, and allow Cubans to visit the United States and Americans to visit Cuba. If Puerto Rico votes to become independent on Tuesday we need to make sure they can visit America visa-free. Visa waiver countries should not need pre-border clearance.

We need to push Europe towards abandoning Austerity and adopting Keynesian economics before the election next year.

Unemployment will continue to drop, by reforming the tax code it will probably go below 5%. All this needs to happen. Most of these will happen eventually. We need to start now.

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