Sunday, May 18, 2014

The power of the people (corporate edition)

One of the first things you learn in any beginning economics course is that corporations exist to make a profit. This isn't necessarily an evil thing, and Adam Smith is the best explainer of why this is indeed the case.

The situation with internet security is an excellent example of how corporations best understand customers more than anything else. Standing up for our rights has pressured them into standing up for our rights and this is what we must do.

This is applicable to everything we do as activists, and we need to be able to have something to affect them with, because people don't listen to people who have no ability to act on their convictions. If progressives continue this sort of action (demanding the providers of services we use change their policies, or else) there is no force in the world that can stop us from making a gigantic change. We need to buy the voting stocks of companies that need to change, we need to continue to organize strong consumer advocacy organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation that amplify our demands, we need to be politically organized, and we need to not let down our demands with the exception of a more reasonable or more ethical argument. Only then will we be able to change the world.

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