Saturday, May 10, 2014

Reincarnation and Copyright

If people truly are reincarnated when they die, as many people in the world believe, than having copyright on a work after someone dies is very problematic because it means that in order to stay by their contract publishing companies need to search for the reincarnation of that person when they die so that they keep paying the creator of their work. Because of this, having copyright after death could become very expensive in terms of legal fees if someone ever proved that they were the reincarnation of someone like George Gershwin or Jean Sibelius whose work is still undercopyright and are not getting paid for their work.

This also means that keeping copyright in the hands of the company that publishes the work is stealing from the creators because they stop giving them their dues after they are reincarnated.

I'm waiting now for the first time someone sues a company for stealing their work in a country like India which has a majority-Hindu population. The publication companies are running a horrible risk by allowing governments to retain copyright after reincarnation. In interest of legal fees these corporations should push for public domain for art after death/1st reincarnation.

If the Hindus are correct of course.

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