Monday, September 30, 2013

Shutdown and the first amendment

Today has been an unusually eventful day. The first thing of course is that the government has shut down and many services are cut. I doubt this will last a whole, though the really ironic thing is tat the issue is not the government's coffers but Obamacare, which is projected to save $200,000,000,000 over the next ten years by the CBO. I don't expect this will last and one way or another they will make a deal and it will again be over. Hopefully the democrats will use this against the republicans in next years election and take the election.

Even though Obamacare will be implemented today irrelevant of the government's passage of a budget the Republicans are choosing to do this.

This is why the government shutdown has notging to do with Obamacare but instead the much much more concerning is the implementation of SOPA/PIPA/CISPA in the Trans Pacific Partnership which will be a serious curtail of online civil liberties and a big and important step to potential tyranny which will bring us closer to North Korea's level of civil liberties. By shutting down the government now the Republicans will be able to push through internet censorship and eliminating tariffs on Chinese slavery in one blow. I am very scared of this because the first step in an tyrant concentrating his power has been cracking down on the press in the way these new restrictions on speech will effect bloggers like me. This is the real goal of the republican party and remembering my visit to Dachau last June I remember Hitler's first major action was cracking down on alternative media in a fashion not different from these new laws.

I am exercising my rights because if I don't I will lose them and I love America too much to b silenced like this.

Freedom isn't free and you must defend and exercise your rights if you are to keep them.


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