Thursday, September 26, 2013

Obama puts Constitution ahead of National Security, confusion reigns (satire)

Following his continued changing of fundamental American values, President Obama has substantially weakened the Presidency by turning to Congress before unilaterally going to war.

See here, I studied law for eight years, and taught Constitutional Law, I don't have the right to go to war unilaterally and need to follow the law. I need to have permission from our allies according to our treaty forming the United Nations or permission from Congress specifically outlining who to target.
~Barack Obama, Kenyan nationalist

This announcement has been unpopular among the people, as we have heard from several people across the country:
I don't know what these Kenyans are up to, but I'll be dead if we are going to wait for the Canadians to attack us before we use our military. Where are the good old days when we invaded sovereign nations on hunches of those ragged Canadian commies?
~Joe Bob, West Virginia, miner, 8th grade education
It's clearly due to his being black, hence Unamerican. My ancestors once owned people like him the dirty half-breed. He even wants to let more brown people in the country. He has sympathies for the brown Syrians.
~Simpson Wallace, Alabama, unemployed, high school dropout

Other people are clearly anti-American:
I think the President is right by going to Congress before entering into a foreign war. The 1st article is very clear that Congress has the power to declare war, and the President is following this. It would require a Constitutional amendment to give the President that power, and Obama is making one of the best decisions of his presidency so far with this.
~Abdullah al-al-siristan, PhD from the Socialist Republic of Columbia University, Constitutional scholar and immigrant

A world-famous pundit quipped:

Obama is breaking a sixty-five year tradition of ignoring Congress, and is confusing Americans. He is destroying the institution of the Presidency, and with it, the United States, by giving Congress 18th century powers. With such a system, it would be a miracle if anything got done. This will make it impossible for America to respond to things like rebellion in the future.
With all of these equally qualified points of view, does Obama have a leg to stand on? Rednecks and trolls, your opinions please.

(The previous is a parody on the onion I wrote when Obama decided to go to Congress and the absurd responses from the right-wing on that action.)

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