Tuesday, September 24, 2013

One reason I like Obamacare

I received a notification from my employer today about that they were going to send me a notification saying they were going to give me information about the new health insurance exchange being set up as part of Obamacare. I am currently under 26 and going to college so I am required to have the option to continue under my parent's insurance as long as I am going to school. However, for adults who get insurance from their employer this is good because if my employer moves the money it spends on my insurance to income and I am allowed to buy my own I can have more money by finding a better deal and have more expendable income. The wages are also tax-deductable for the company, so it makes no change in expenses and deductions for taxes. The employer has no change and the employee gets a pay raise after the expense of the new insurance plan.

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