Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Peace in the Forgotten Continent

Today the M23 Rebellion in the Congo ended. It is the front page news story on Wikipedia, but it takes a good amount of scrolling to learn this on the BBC, Aljazeera, and doesn't even appear on the US Google News homepage. This is a major development for world peace and the development of Africa and is clear bias against Africa in the global news media. Hopefully the United States and EU will move to help Central Africa develop now so that it can stabilize and develop in sustainable ways.

The other part of this is even though this happened today, I can't find it anywhere but Wikipedia's front page without scrolling through to look at Africa or subscribing to news sources from across the world, and the front page of has the peace treaty, but most people won't look at such a region-focused website. I'm unusual in this way.

The global news media needs to be more aware of Africa, home of a billion people and a vast array of cultures. Most of future of global economic growth is in Africa because it is mostly undeveloped and a lot of millionaires and billionaires are going to be made when Africa develops and the people who invest in Africa really make a large difference. Estimates put the Democratic of the Congo with the largest potential GDP in the world given its untapped potential. There should be more reporting on Africa, given how it is the future.

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