Thursday, June 27, 2013

Your American tax dollars at work in Israel

The latest news story coming out of the almost 70 year old humanitarian crisis in Israel is on Reuters this week.

Yes, Israel is detaining Palestinian children as young as nine years old and bombing residential areas.

This is a very short-term action by the Israeli government and reminiscent of the Russian attack on Gori in 2008 and nearing the treatment of how Nazis treated Jewish children during the Holocaust. One would think a country that was formed in response to a genocide wouldn't commit another one, learning from their mistakes, but given the vast number of news stories about how Israel treats non-Jews, I have serious suspicions about their internet censorship. Salon (which I know is liberal) did a good report on what I would consider de facto internet censorship because in order to print anything Israeli reporters need to get it cleared by the government. How can Reporters Without Borders give them such good rankings and claim that Israeli reporters "enjoy real freedom of expression despite the existence of military censorship"? This sounds about as stupid to me as saying "North Koreans have real freedom of movement despite the fact that many families are locked away for decades for something their ancestor did." It is completely absurd, and I have lost my trust in Reporters Without Borders.

Support freedom, oppose Likud.

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