Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Separation of Powers

There is one political habit a lot of Americans are into that I am sick and tired of. That habit is forgetting how our government separates powers and misplacing blame. Every time Congress does anything, the President is blamed. People blame the President for absolutely everything, even if there is nothing else he can do about it. There are a few important points to this.

Avoiding a constitutional crisis, the President does not make the law. Every executive order issued since 1789 (when the first executive order was issued) lists at the beginning the part of the US Code that he is enforcing. This is how the government of the United States works. Guantanamo Bay is still open, despite President Obama vowing to close it, he has proposed laws to close it, and since there is (fortunately) no law allowing the President to unilaterally close military bases, he cannot close it, it requires a vote of Congress. Another example is the current immigration laws. Obama is enforcing the laws that have been handed to him by Congress and were signed by the scum of our country, George W. Bush. Don't blame Obama for Bush's mistakes! Every time someone says this to me I will make a mental note that the person doesn't fully understand the basics of how our government works, and needs to be educated on the Constitution. Instead look at the big picture, which includes court opinions and decisions, legislative laws, and the President executing the law and acting as "preacher-in-chief" and a guiding voice for the country by presenting ideas for the country to follow and the veto pen which is hardly ever used anyways. Obama has had only two vetoes so far in his term... which makes him effectively a rubber stamp. He could veto more, but this is infrequent with Obama. President Bush had 12 vetoes in 8 years,  The President's power lies mostly in keeping the government functioning and keeping agencies running, as the Constitution intends.

So basically, don't confuse the powers of the different people in our government, it is sloppy and embarrassing.

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