Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Drone strikes

I just watched a short documentary by investigative journalists who were in West Pakistan where the United States is currently waging war.

There is absolutely no reason, no excuse, and no rational for what the American government is doing to these innocent people. Drone strikes have been demonstrated by these reporters to be ineffective, and are hurting our image abroad. As some people said here, this is becoming the number one tool of al Qaeda to recruit good people to their evil cause, and as a patriotic American whose ancestor's blood was spilled to form this country, I cannot blame them. This policy must end, because it serves no good purpose, except that it is just one more piece that proves how General Smedley Butler was correct that war can only be ended once the profit is taken out of it. If we removed all funding for drones we would free a lot of money from our budget, but the amount of influence from corporations that make drones or the banks that own their stock.

This is just plain not right, this is an act of terrorism as it is frequently defined, in how it is targeting civilians, even though the definition between terrorism and war etc. is frequently blurred. This should be brought to the ICC because Obama will lose.

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