Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Innocence of Muslims and murder

There is a lot of talk about blocking the inflammatory innocence of Muslims in response to the assassination of the American ambassador in response to that short video. That is the wrong approach. If we block all videos that incite violence, what is there to stop us in blocking hate speech, and who defines hate speech? Hate speech is hard to define and has many different levels. What one person finds offensive to their religion another person may agree with and use for educational purposes (creationists vs scientists). If we block anything that might offend anyone we will be left with a very small Internet. We will give power to the radicals that if they want something to be blocked all they have to do is try to kill the American ambassador in there country and be clear on what they are protesting. That is not an option. We would literally be giving the keys to the Internet to al Qaeda. A better option is to incarcerate the murderers with life in prison without parole (killing members of a group that uses car bombs in response to murder doesn't make sense) which isolates their members from society and forces them to live their lives out slowly contemplating their heinous crimes. Maybe they'll start to read the whole Quran not just their selective misguided selections. That is my opinion. I support free speech, a major difference between democracy and tyranny. There is a very slippery slope between the two.

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