Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Political tests

Here is a list of political tests I have tried on-line, and their advantages along with disadvantages. is better than the Political Compass in my opinion, I feel like it has a little more accuracy for the social spectrum (at least for the way I filled it out) but also includes a scale for opinions in foreign policy and government/cultural cooperation. It is extremely accurate. If you want to do just one quiz, I would say this is the one to do of the ones I have done. is a very well designed quiz. I like how it has third parties included in the list. This is the second-best quiz and the questions are well written making it very accurate. Combined with gotoquiz this is an extremely powerful combination.

The Political Compass a real internet classic is still really great. An oldie but a goodie. It isn't accurate as the preceding two but still is useful to see where you stand with great political figures. is a good representation and the advantage is you can see your results in the end (which I like so I can look for inconsistencies), one thing I don't like is it labels progressivism as liberalism (which liberalism? Liberal is a very bland term in political philosophy without consensus in the definition) but more importantly labels authoritarianism as populism (which are two completely different things). is good, and I like the display at the end. It is very representative of reality on how those five different political issues are different and you can be and economic socialist and a libertarian (Sweden for example) or an economic libertarian and a social fascist (Soviet Union) or any mixture of the five measures. It could use a few more questions to be more accurate.

If you don't want a long quiz but want a quick way to check your alignment, the World's Smallest Political Quiz is a fun tool, though not as accurate because it has so few questions. It does however cover the major issues.

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