Thursday, July 26, 2012

Global Warning of Global Warming

News has come out today that Greenland is seeing its ice melt at an unprecedented and alarming speed right now. The ice is getting thinner, and the only place it can go is the ocean. We need to start moving off of fossil fuels as a planet right now and we have no time to spare. It is time to start listening to scientists. I am currently working on my associates on my way to getting my Doctorate in Microbiology and have colleagues at my college who work in environmental science, so while I am not an expert par se I do know a lot about the issue and find it to be as critical as the antibiotic resistance crisis, my calling. The webpage I manage is and I will start running experiments in a few years.

We need to transition to a hydrogen economy as fast as we can. We need government action to create massive incentives in the private sector to produce enough hydrogen to quickly convert the American transportation infrastructure to a hydrogen economy. It is renewable, non-polluting, competitive, less expensive, and the best option for the United States of America. It also works and is currently being implemented in Iceland. Learn more:

Now, there is another aspect to this story. It is true that ice cores have shown that once every 150 years Greenland has a mass freak melt, but the difference now is that it is coupled with the global warming and higher CO2 emissions so it will be a few years at this point until we know if this is part of the pattern or something more. This is not just my opinion, Lora Koening a Goddard geologist agrees with me.

The United States can do this. We must do this. Our government must convene an emergency session of the Organization of American States to discuss this issue and start shifting as a continent. President Obama also needs to make it clear to the other nations that the relationship that we are going to have with the other nations, especially Canada, who has a higher GDP per capita and a much lower HDI, and Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina who have an increasing amount of wealth that we want to work with them as partners and not as we have in the past. He can do this. He must do this. He needs to work with them to formulate a treaty that we will make a continental effort to shift to hydrogen. By doing this we will solve two issues, the issue of our money being sent to the hands of the very few, and the environmental crisis which is so apparent today.

Do it for my generation please!

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