Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Ron Paul

On Ron Paul
His policies, his speeches, and his true friends.
In light of Ron Paul recent success in Iowa, let's look at his policies.
I am using the sources Wikipedia uses, to save space here they are the same interviews wikipedia uses from all sorts of news organizations.
Ron Paul’s beliefs
Foreign policy
  • non-intervention in both peaceful and military matters
  • Lift the embargo against Cuba
  • Withdraw from all international organizations
  • WTO is a “barrier to free trade”
  • States he supports Free Trade, but opposes all free trade agreements
  • Patrol our borders
  • Policy with Mexico is in line with Republican Party of building a fence and deportation
  • No birthright citizenshi
  • Opposes hunting terrorists who do us harm.
Economic Policy
  • End the Federal Reserve (bad idea, see below)
Social Policy
  • Opposes Gay Marriage, Supports DOMA, says he opposes efforts to define marriage.
  • No separation of Church and State
  • No flag desecration
  • No gun laws
  • Opposes torture
  • Opposes the Draft
  • Opposes Affirmative Action, meaning Colleges are allowed to scan applicants for their background.
  • Opposes adoption.
  • Supports Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • While stating he supports State’s rights, he has proposed to define life as starting at conception in the US House several times.
  • Supports Stem-Cell Research
  • Opposes Universal Health Care
  • Supports tax credits to cover medical costs
  • Supports Marijuana use
  • Supports legalizing drugs.
  • Opposes Department of Veteran’s Affairs
  • Opposes FDA
  • Opposes the 1965 Voting Rights Act (2005)
  • Opposes the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Opposes direct election of Senators
  • Supports direct election of the President

Environmental Policy
  • Opposes Federal emissions standards
  • Rejects Global Warming
Overview of inconsistencies
He is inconsistent with his policy on direct voting, by opposing the electoral college and supporting the original method to elect Senators.
Why the Occupy Movement Cannot Support Ron Paul
The first reason is, of course, economical. The Federal Reserve is a Federal agency that is appointed by Congress and approved by the President, despite what Ron Paul says. By removing the power of the government to manage its currency it will go back to where it was during the last period of no central bank from 1869 to 1913, the largest banks in the country will print their own currency with no regulation from the Democratic government. This is what happened then, and that is what will happen now if Ron Paul becomes able to do that. He has been paid by banks, there is no other reason he would support it short of insanity. Having worked for the Federal Reserve he is the perfect member of Congress to make this case for them.
While being a libertarian he supports the government prohibiting federal recognition of gay marriage. Many people make this out to be a libertarian argument, but a Libertarian would not support the Defense of Marriage Act or Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy, calling them “government intervention”, but Ron Paul does no such thing and has consistently voted to uphold those two policies. He supports a state religion, and to have religion and state intermingle, something a true Libertarian would not dream of supporting. His Abortion policy is directly opposed to Federalism. He opposes giving military employees pensions and lifetime health care after going to war. He opposes free trade, meaning he is a Mercantilist, someone who believes very strongly in the Government sanctioning trade. He has consistently voted against the Federal Government renewing the 1960s human rights legislation that gave African Americans the right to vote and other rights, along with having racist newsletters go out in his name in the 1990s. He supports the Federal Government building a fence with Mexico.
Ron Paul is not a libertarian. He is just another Republican, his policies are all Republican, and his attitude is a Republican attitude. He usually  votes along with his Republican colleagues on important issues unless if it has to do with the Federal Reserve System.
Ron Paul supporters do not know Ron Paul. Ron Paul supporters do not know what Ron Paul stands for. Ron Paul supporters treat Ron Paul as a Jesus figure, and he is the leader of their religion, just like Ronald Reagan has been made into a religious figure by the Republican Party. Follow, and be blind.
If you are part of the Occupy Movement, you cannot support Ron Paul, because he will privatize our monetary policy. The big banks whose practices we oppose will control the United States dollar and you can believe there will be a really rocky ride with many bank runs as soon as this would be done, because that is exactly what will happen. Keep the Federal Reserve, it is our only protection against the banks. He supports expanding government into our lives and leaving our economy to the power of mercantilists. Because that is the economic philosophy Ron Paul follows, Mercantilism.
Do not vote Paul. He is not our friend.

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