Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The ideal election system

The ideal elections system would be designed so that every person has an equal vote, and no individual person or party has absolute power over the candidates in the final election.

This is exactly how America's decentralized unregulated election system has been designed. It is confusing, many people's votes don't count, and they can easily be stolen from us through unfaithful electors. The best system is currently practiced in Washington State and it works extremely well. It is popular among many people in both the Democratic and Republican parties. The People own the election. Direct election of our representatives has been done.

What is most important is this could be done on the Federal level, hopefully 2012 will be the last unregulated Federal election which is where people can donate unlimited amounts of money if they own a large corporation and the Primary System is unregulated and owned by the heads of the Democratic and Republican parties together. Neither one is truly our friend in this respect.

The Presidential election should work like this:
  1. All candidates will appear on the same Primary Ballot in August. They will sign up on January 1st of the year of the election to slow a constant election cycle that is currently done here.
  2. The two candidates who do the best in the Primary Election will face each other in the General Election in November. The winner of the election takes office on January 20th of the following year.

Simple, clean, effective. That is what we need in the United States. Let Freedom Ring.

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