Thursday, June 9, 2016

Warren wants to be VP

Elizabeth Warren recently said she would be willing to be Hillary Clinton's Vice President.

I fully plan on voting for Clinton because I don't want to see a Donald Trump Presidency. Though Warren as VP makes absolutely no sense to me, John Nance Garner was Vice President under President Franklin Roosevelt, and I bet no one reading this post knows who John Nance Garner was. (unless they are over 90 years old) This is because the Vice Presidency is a very boring position. Most Americans don't know who even President Lincoln's Vice President was, and given how much we hear from George HW Bush's Vice President (whose name I forget, even though I was technically alive at the very end of his term) further demonstrates how absolutely useless this position is most of the time.

john nance garnerGranted, sometimes you have a President who is notable, like Dick Cheney who was frequently talked about, Former President-elect Al Gore who had the election stolen from him, or the war criminal George HW Bush who betrayed our country in his dealings with Iran as part of the Reagan administration, but if the Vice President under the half of FDR's term where he did the New Deal is not a common household name, than I see no reason for us to put someone as talented as Elizabeth Warren in a position which significantly reduces her power and authority. She is already one of the most recognized figures in the country, the most respected politician in the country, and is frequently featured on late night talk shows and on the news. There is absolutely no advantage to her being Vice President and I hope that she will rethink this decision before giving up her seat on the Finance Committee, which is a far more powerful position ultimately.

I love Warren, she is my favorite American politician of today, I wish she was in Clinton's place right now, and I want her to do everything she can to do the right thing in preventing fraud which she is so remarkably good at. This is the reason why I do not want her to be Vice President because we need her to be in the most powerful positions possible to fight for US.

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