Monday, January 11, 2016

The future

Music companies have complained for a long time that it is impossible to make money nowadays with people not buying CDs, tapes gone by the wayside, and records holding only a small fraction of total music sales today. With so much available on Youtube companies complain it is impossible to make a profit on music nowadays because people don't have to pay.

This is bullshit. These companies feel like they need to be protected by the government from technology, that they don't need to be required to stay on par with new technology, probably because they find that technology is difficult. That's their problem ultimately and they need to stay up to date with the modern world. We don't use wax cylinders anymore, and they need to get used to it.

The reality is that if you make an amazing music video which people watch you can make a lot of money. Let's say you get a million views on your video and you have an ad at the bottom that only 1% of the people watching the video clicked on. That will give you a total of $30,000 for that ad. If Adwords gives ads that people are actually interested in by making them relevant to their lives (because Adblock does not block text ads) than you will be able to make more money than that. If you have a channel and frequently make videos every week this can become a real business model very quickly. A large music studio pumping out perhaps 100 videos could make millions of dollars on their music videos, which is enough to stay floating. If the videos are then made accessible to all people in the world and each person watches an ad, it becomes very easy to make millions of dollars per episode of a popular show like Doctor Who or The Simpsons on ad revenue, as the TV industry has survived on for the last 100 years. This model is not new, in fact it is what producers have lived off since they began. An added advantage to this is if all the episodes are always available for free to the viewer somewhere like Youtube than there will be no reason to pirate the video and they can have Youtube take down rip offs without people losing any content if someone does choose to pirate it, increasing overall revenues.

Instead of complaining about new technology companies need to be willing to adapt to a new world, or else they will become obsolete and hopefully the artists of the world will realize this and choose to go to companies which offer them better pay. A company which is modern and makes it so no one wants to pirate would be very profitable and able to make money off of everyone who watches there video.

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