Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Decriminalize all drugs

One of the biggest problems with the American justice system is how we treat drugs. We treat drugs like we would someone killing another person, locking them away forever, when the person they are hurting is themselves. The issue with this however is the person who kills another has many different reasons he or she might do it (mental illness, absolute rage, there are many possibilities, and that is not what this article is about)  but when it comes to people using drugs it is due to addiction. Addiction is solely a medical issue and needs to be treated as such. By criminalizing drugs we make it so that people are scared of reaching treatment because they can be arrested for doing so. This makes as much sense as arresting people for having cancer, which of course sounds absurd because it is.

We need to make it so anyone and everyone who seeks treatment for all drugs will be completely excused from using said drugs and provide the mental health services to all people who need them for free. This will encourage people to seek treatment and significantly reduce the demand for drugs, which will reduce the profitability of trafficking illegal drugs making many cartels go out of business. This is the only solution which respects the worth and dignity of all people, and we need to reform our drug laws in this way.

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