Monday, June 2, 2014

Bernie Sanders is the right man for the job

The current VA scandal (which we must remember was created by the traitor George Walker Bush) is currently unfolding and the Democrats in light of an extraordinarily important midterm election are finally putting a real man on the job, Bernie Sanders.

This VA scandal is already a huge part of the election and if the Democrats do not fix it it will haunt them through 2016 and make it easier for the Republicans to win. The party has a historic record dating back to the election of Bill Clinton of trying to meet everyone halfway in mishmash legislation that gets only half the job done at best and frequently creates more problems than they solve because they miss important pieces. This is an important issue like the others, and they know that if they lose Veterans they will have a hard time winning in many places, like Florida!

On the other hand, Democrats portraying themselves as problem solvers as opposed to backstabbing two-faced liars will be more effective in getting people out to vote and hurt the idea that the two parties are no different which compromise has helped give evidence to support the idea that what differences they have are small. This will get African Americans and Hispanics and young voters out to vote which worked so well in 2008 that the Democrats got a near filibuster-proof majority in the Senate and over 300 seats in the house. If they repeat that in this next election than progress will be possible.

History says as much, as the most famous presidents in history were decisive and use politics to improve the country. By making excellent policy Obama could become a memorable president for a long time, and the last two years will be decisive for his legacy. Hopefully this will happen.

President Obama needs to look at people like Sanders for advice to get real change done that will improve our country.

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