Monday, February 3, 2014

Why American politics is confusing

Working within the assumption that Republicans are more socially conservative, anti-federalist (opposing the movement of services to the Federak level), and economically liberal (favoring less government intervention in the economy) and that Democrats are more socially liberal, federalist, and economically democratic socialist (favoring a free market with regulation, democratic socialist is a more accurate term) what party president would you think would sign the following laws? All of the following are real laws, if you really think you know our legislative history, try to guess which President signed the law. Click on the link bill to see which bill and President signed the law.

  1. Requiring Americans to buy insurance without a public option.
  2. Outlawing gay marriage. bill
  3. Rescuing America's passenger rail at the national and local level with a brand new government agency to provide mass transit between cities. national bill and local bill
  4. Tied American foreign assistance to human rights and established separate funds for developmental assistance to countries. bill
  5. Increased support for helping people with HIV and AIDS in Africa.
  6. Which President started sales of weapons to Israel? bill
  7. Mandated certain safety requirements for the workplace. bill
  8. Mandated equal employment for men and women and outlawed gender discrimination in the workplace. bill
  9. Mandated certain levels for privacy. bill
  10. The first President to start to move America towards the metric system? bill
  11. Implemented Keynesian policies in response to stagflation. president
  12. Vetoed a bill to impose sanctions on South Africa's Apartheid government. bill
  13. Who did the first veto on a civil rights bill since Andrew Jackson? bill
  14. The only President in the last 30 years to balance the budget. bill
  15. Devolved welfare to the state level. bill
  16. Largest increase in the US National Deficit in history (unadjusted) bill
  17. Increased the cost of travelling to the United States? bill and bill
  18. Which President doubled the interest rate on student loans? bill
If people ever  feel confused about American politics, these 18 examples would explain why our politics seems completely bewildering.

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