Thursday, December 5, 2013

RIP Madiba

RIP Mandela, you were the bravest man in the world and my hero. You showed the world that no matter how despotic and fascist the country can be the people still hold power and freedom always wins. To people who believe government is futile you give real proof that there is always the possibility of making the worst situation better. South Africa is now one of the freest nations in the world, and you and your country showed us that everything good is possible. The whole world is South African today, the whole human species has lost our brightest living light.

No matter how much the Apartheid government tried to break your spirit you stayed strong at Robbin Island, and as President showed that democracy does work. You were no African freedom fighter turned dictator, but remained a freedom fighter until your last breath, and that alone makes you the most amazing man in the history of the world.

I never met you, I am much younger than you, but I love you Madiba. You were the best man in the world since Dr. King was assassinated in 1965, and I can't wait for people in the Arab world to follow your adventure and make freedom expand even further. You were my hero, my idol, and my favorite public figure bar nobody. The only other person who comes close is the Dalai Lama, and I await the next great leader of freedom in the world of my generation to appear.

On top of this Warren has said she won't run for president making this the worst day of the year by far. Unless if a strong Left wing candidate appears in the next two years, I'm likely to abstain in 2016 for President, because Clinton is weak, frequently votes alongside the Republicans, as I have already wrote about and I just don't trust her. At least I can mostly trust Christie. I'm not comfortable with Clinton. A bad day for the world.

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