Saturday, July 20, 2013

The War in Afghanistan is a bad war

As everybody knows, on September 11, 2001 the United States of America was attacked by religious extremists whose leader was Osama bin Laden. Proof quickly came out that bin Laden was behind the attack and the United States declared a war on this non-state actor. It often feels like the Afghanistan government was harboring him, but this is just not true. Upon the attack, the supreme leader of Afghanistan offered to turn him over to an Islamic court if Bush presented evidence of his guilt. If George Bush had done this then we could have averted a major war and saved millions of lives. Everybody knows with the constant reports of deaths in Afghanistan that this didn't happen.

We could have avoided the entire War in Afghanistan and made it a manhunt for a wanted criminal, instead, George W. Bush chose to turn it into a conflict that destabilized the entire country and attacked the government for "helping bin Laden" even though it was the administration his father served in that put them in power in the first place!

George W. Bush had the opportunity to avoid a war and improve goodwill between nations, saving lives, and he refused. He is the worst president in American history and should be ashamed of his actions. Congress should be ashamed that they didn't pass a resolution to negotiate with the Afghanistan government, and I have no idea how this wasn't talked about by any member of Congress in that time period.

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