Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charity - Ideas on how it should be done

I am looking at Central Africa's political situation right now. I have known they were poor for my entire life, but when I look at the capitals of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Republic of the Congo I truly realized how poor they are. Their capital cities, also their largest cities, with all the powerful people in the country are opposite each other on a river. There is no bridge between them. I don't think a single road in either country has ever been paved. Along with this no one has electricity or clean water to drink most of the time, even in their capital cities let alone their other parts of the country. They have no economy to speak of and have epidimics, like AIDS and malaria that further cripple their life expectancy, economies, and standards of living. If this wasn't enough, the war in Eastern DRC has claimed more lives than any conflict after WW2 sending refugees to different parts of the country, notably Mbuji-Mayi.

The United States has been helping them by teaching them modern farming techniques so they can develop their country's agricultural sector. This is only a start. What could be done is to give charities grants to go into these central African countries with the tools and money needed to hire local people to build infrastructure in their countries. One reason that charities should do this is that they are more frugal than the military. They stretch their dollars more and means that they have more impact. The way I think would be the most effective long-term to go about work building these nations is:
  1. The people in these countries have work and money flow directly into the hands of the currently impoverished citizens.
  2. They learn how to build roads, be electricians, build the infrastructure needed for a world economy. When the aid leaves we leave behind workers who can keep their economy running after the aid leaves.
  3. They get the infrastructure they need to build more schools, trade schools, and universities so that they can have professionals of every profession.
This benefits everyone for several reasons. Currently, crime is rampant in these areas and it is a hotbed for disease to develop. Diseases for which we have no immunity frequently come out of Central Africa because they do not have the medical care necessary to treat the first cases or the laboratories to develop the cures as they appear which threatens all of humanity of another outbreak by delaying cures for local diseases.

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