Saturday, January 8, 2011

MMR Scandal regarding fake link to autism

kReading the news, I saw the unsurprising link to autism given by the corrupt "scientist" Wakefield. Nice summary is given here:

Now, in my opinion, making such a fraudulent, corrupt, misleading, and potentially life-threatening lie about one of the best vaccinations in the world is attempted murder and should be charged as such. People not getting their MMR vaccine based on this unnecessarily puts them in harms way and destroys herd immunity for the people who can not get the vaccination. This threatens their lives from three of the world's most dangerous viruses. He should be charged as such. If I was the judge or lawmaker I would say the appropriate punishment would include the following:
  1. Annulment of all licenses and degrees.
  2. Life in prison.
  3. He may have the option to be killed if he doesn't want to spend forty years in prison, and I say the just way to do it would be through lethal injection of all three, Measles, Mumps, and Rubella followed by solitary confinement.
I feel like anything less would not be enough. Attempted murder is attempted murder, no matter what the motivation. Potentially creating a huge group of young people becoming that sick is nothing else.

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