Thursday, September 16, 2010

Relations with Cuba

I have thought of the issue with Cuba and wrote the following comparison that makes the answer apparent to me:

The embargo on Cuba is based on the old fear of America against Communism. The laws Cuba has that are the most draconian are drugs, the trade must be stopped in the world, politics, it is a Socialist state afterall, and porn, it is a Roman Catholic society. The first and third are things that are prosecuted in America, and the second will definitely change someday. If Cuba had visitors from America and were able to visit America, they could bring back our ideas to their home country the same way President Saakashvili did in Georgia. That would improve the lives of Cubans. The United States would not be damaged either, because the tourists from Cuba would bring in money as much as money is brought in to Cuba. In fact, the increase in tourism would create a boom that would benefit our economy! It would be beneficial to both countries. It would make Cuba an even safer place to travel.
    Another factor is that after The United States began relations with China, they got more money in their economy and started to build their country up to the point where today their trade has made them one of the most powerful states in the world. The problem with Cuba is they don't have enough trade for the people to make enough income to improve their standards of living. Allowing Cubans to travel between America and Cuba will make the amount of information available in Cuba higher, which will make the people able to stand up to information restrictions through travel. It would continue to allow Cuban dissidents to migrate to America for political asylum, and the draconian laws will decrease and wither, just like China. In fact, it would be faster because Cuba is only 90 miles from Miami, a distance shorter than from New York to Washington, DC!

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