Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh America, hear my plea

For 30 years we have been complaining how the government is so corrupt, never listens, always bribing, and cutting essential programs. Lobbyists from Wall Street bribe politicians, steering clear of the occasional representative.

We get depressed, wondering if it will ever end and we listen to our spin and our party's propaganda. Yet, we never analyze and listen to two sides of the argument.

We listen to hate radio, spewing false information, "America is doomed," never quoting, always lying.

We don't vote responsible, yet we complain. How can we solve our problems without doing such an easy duty. How can you say "I love America" without ever spending time to read the news? We read the tabloids, yet we never read the news.

How do we fix the problem? We make an honest effort to read a reliable realistic news source. If they talk how we are doomed, they are selling. If the airtime is not equally divided during and election, the "news" channel is propaganda. We find the channel  that gives both sides and keep the commentators and comedians in a different time slot from the news, otherwise, they are propaganda.

When we trust the theory of democracy and participate.... Then we are free. Only then can America survive.

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